I’m so excited to be offering JOURNAL TO THE SELF®, an empowering journal writing workshop, through PCC Extension at Pasadena City College in the Spring 2020 term! The class will be held on the Pasadena City College campus and runs six Sundays, March 1 to April 5, 1pm-3pm.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a journal writing practice — or if you already have a practice that you want to deepen — this is the course for you. You’ll gain a toolbox of techniques that will help you use your journal for personal growth, creative expression, and strategic life management.

JOURNAL TO THE SELF is based on the work of journal therapist Kathleen Adams, a pioneer in the field. As Adams wrote in her seminal book Journal to the Self, keeping a journal is “a bridge into first our own humanity, and then our own spirituality.” She theorizes that when you write in your journal, you are connecting to self on these two levels: your own humanity that exists in the here and know, as well as the transpersonal Self — “that part of each of us that transcends time and space” (whether you want to call it God, Spirit, the Universe, your Higher Self, etc.).

“Perhaps the most rewarding and fascinating part of journal therapy,” writes Adams, “is this: it spreads out before you in black and white the contents of the heart, mind, and soul. You simply cannot appreciate how healing and powerful this is until you have experienced it.” As someone who has written in my journal nearly every day for the past 20 years, I can attest to how very healing and powerful keeping a journal is! It helps me connect to my inner voice and find the answers I seek inside. I rely on my journal to navigate life’s choppy waters and heal my wounds from the inside out. Join me this Spring at PCC Extension to learn more about how you can, too!

Typically, the cost of the workshop is $275 per person, but PCC Extension is offering it for the very low rate of $105 per person. You can register here — and don’t delay… because registration closes February 28!