As summer arrives, the great outdoors beckons. Many of us have been cooped up in our homes for weeks or months due to the covid crisis. Heading out into nature and — if we have the opportunity — diving into a pool, a lake, or the ocean sounds pretty amazing right about now!

And yet, there’s still a lot of uncertainty swirling around. We don’t know if it’s safe yet to enjoy summer traditions like gathering for barbecues, fireworks, and more with large groups. The world that we’re stepping out into is a changed one, socially and economically. Many of us are still grappling with isolation, stress, loss, grief, anxiety, and other difficult emotions.

And that means there’s still a lot of “diving IN” that we need to do.

Journal writing is an activity that’s purpose-built for these times. Research shows that regularly writing in your journal can help ease the pain of isolation, reduce stress and anxiety, and even fortify our immune systems. And it isn’t just great for processing the tough stuff — it’s also pretty fantastic for helping us germinate ideas that lead to personal growth. As things are in flux, this is a great time to grab our journals and reflect on how we hope to adapt, change, and create our lives anew.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be teaching Journal to the Self online this summer via PCC Extension at Pasadena City College. The workshop, which was developed by the pioneering journal therapist Kathleen Adams, will give you a toolbox of techniques to begin or deepen a journal-writing practice.

I’ll be holding the course on Zoom over six Sundays, July 12-August 16, 1pm-3pm. This course is usually offered for $275 per person, but PCC Extension is offering it at the very low rate of $105 per person (plus $10 materials fee for the workbook).

So… grab your pen and notebook, and come take a deep dive into the self with me this summer! You can register for the course at

Posted 5/27/20