Personal statements are an increasingly important part of the university admissions process. They provide a way for admissions committees to get to know you as an individual and evaluate the diversity you will bring to their campus. To gain acceptance to competitive programs, you can’t rely on good grades and test scores alone. Conversely, if your grades or test scores aren’t what you’d like them to be, a well-written application essay can really make the difference. It sets you apart from the multitude as well as demonstrates your ability to think critically and communicate clearly. The best personal statements are well-crafted narratives linking your past experiences to your current desires and future goals.

In addition to personal statements, I can also assist with secondary essays, diversity statements, letters of recommendation, and other supplemental application materials for the following:

• Undergraduate & Transfer Applications
• Law School
• Business School
• Medical/Dental/Veterinary School
• Residency Match
• Master’s or Ph.D. Programs
• Certificate or Credential Programs
• Scholarships and Fellowships

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I’ve modeled Write Strong Consulting on the concept of “escritorios publicos,” or public writers, which is a common tradition in Latin America. These writers set up their typewriters on tables in plazas and write anything from official business letters to love poems for their clients for a fee. I love this tradition because it allows the writer to be a conduit for the client, to give voice to the client’s ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the power of language. Accordingly, I can help clients write pretty much anything they ask me to.

On the personal tip, I believe everyone has a unique and powerful story to tell! In graduate school, I specialized in Creative Nonfiction Writing, which is the use of fictional techniques to tell true stories. I use these techniques as a journalist and can employ them to help you turn your life experience into a compelling personal essay/memoir that will grip audiences and resonate with meaning. I can also help with more practical forms of writing, whether it’s a query letter for literary agents, a head-turning online dating profile, a letter to get your bid noticed in the competitive real estate market, or other forms of personal correspondence.

On the business tip, I can help you write a distinctive bio of yourself or your business, copy for your website, a unique brand story, or any other type of writing to market your business. For more information about my work with corporate clients, please see

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There’s a wide body of research emerging that journaling and other forms of expressive writing can have a beneficial impact on our emotional and even physical health. Journaling can serve as a way to process experience, heal past trauma, improve relationships, develop your intuition, discover your true feelings, and even maximize your business efficiency. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than therapy!

I’ve written in my journal nearly every day for the past two decades and find it to be an indispensable tool and companion. I completed training with the Center for Journal Therapy and am a Certified Instructor of JOURNAL TO THE SELF® Workshops. I have offered the course both in-person and online at PCC Extension at Pasadena City College. Check back for updates on upcoming classes.

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